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February 5, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Tessa Brunton wants you to take a survey in support of her next book. Looks fun.

* for some reason I have a link to what looks like a support page for Charles Hatfield's class on autobiographical comics.

* not comics: a profile of Duane Bryers' Hilda.

* Mike Lynch introduces a two-part interview with Ralph Smith.

* not comics: Ben Schwartz writes about American comedy in terms of who gets to be funny about whom. I'm sure someone could riff off of this in major fashion using comics, which have a grand humor tradition. In fact, I suspect there's a way of tracking humor comics in the newspaper in terms of their not connecting with humor is in America not generally. That's a hunch, though, of course.

* Jeremy Eaton posted an exquisite corpse he did in 1996 with Eric Reynolds in Al Columbia -- I wonder if a fourth person worked on the feet, because that's drawing that could be done by someone who doesn't draw a whole lot.

* I wouldn't put it past someone to add this to an awards program.

* George O'Connor penned a short piece about writing for teens when the source material -- in this case Greek myth -- is so profoundly earthy and profane.

* I haven't tracked down the hourly comics yet, but this series of mostly two-panel comics from Jess Fink is pretty fun.

* finally, is it my imagination, or is Aseem Trivedi living a life that some North American cartoonists only dream about?

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