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February 7, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Diamond has apparently instituted some kind of awards for comics stores doing comics store things. I'm not sure I'd know if these were actually awards that had been around for several years. I'm not sure what to think of t-shirt displays having awards-level status. Hooray?

image* Craig Fischer writes about one of the Skywald magazines over at The Comics Journal. That's sort of a lousy description of the article, to be honest with you, but there is such a discussion in there.

* Juan Fernandez talks to Ed Piskor. Mark Hensel talks to Ryan Cecil Smith. Ao Meng talks to Ryan Cecil Smith. Misty Lee and Paul Dini talk to Mark Evanier. Vaneta Rogers talks to Gregg Hurwitz. Chris Arrant talks to Cliff Chiang. Dave Richards talks to Jeff Parker. Tim O'Shea talks to Matt Gagnon.

* Daryl Cagle has a post up of cartoons about the current crisis in Syria. Speaking of which, I guess Ali Ferzat's plight was discussed during a meeting of the UN Security Council.

* the CBLDF will be hitting the ComicsPro annual meeting in a big way.

* Dan Nadel caught a really fine article from Jessica Abel about moving her family to France for a year. I like matter-of-fact articles about cartoonists and their lives because I think it clears up some of the mystery for young people that might want to pursue cartooning as a vocation.

* most of the articles still being done on DC's new publishing initiative are going deeper and longer, at least in terms of the discussion of creators' rights. Here's one by Matthew Surridge.

* not comics someone really needs to make that list of comics-related illustration in various gaming rules booklets and 'zines of that period.

* I'm not sure there's any real overlap between comics and the Annie Awards, beyond the obvious connection through cartooning. I guess animators compete in the NCS awards including being up for the Reuben.

* not comics: it's the rare art critic that color-coordinates his wardrobe to match the art.

* Drew Sheneman on five graphic novels. Johanna Draper Carlson on Bakuman Vol. 9 and various other manga. Greg McElhatton on Friends With Boys. Sean Gaffney on Negima! Magister Negi Magi Vol. 33.

* finally, some sort of tempest in a teapot about some cartoon or something.
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