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February 8, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the Zine Archive And Publishing Project in Seattle may move out from under the umbrella of the Hugo House. As great as it is that institutions that ZAPP spring into existence, a lot of them are fragile in terms of support, both financially and personally.

image* John Anderson on Jihad. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Matt Baker: The Art Of Glamour and that DC Young Romance special.

* Columbus as a comics town is profiled here.

* these pieces of Marvel superhero art are pretty adorable. One reason is that they're solid designs, those classic Marvel designs. Jack Kirby was a first-rate character designer, an all-timer, John Romita Sr. and Steve Ditko were really, really good and a few other artists that worked for them had their moments.

* Jeff Mahoney profiles Aram Alexanian.

* superior link-blogger Kevin Melrose pulls a quote from the writer Ann Nocenti that's fairly hopeful in terms of how mainstream comics characters are portrayed in terms of gender roles.

* it may seem silly to link to it again, but I greatly enjoyed Bart Beaty's summary report of FIBD 2013 for this site. I thought it was clear, strong writing, and a great summary take on a show and one man's personal experience of it. I don't publish anyone else except Bart at this point, and it's always a great pleasure to do so.

* John Porcellino draws Eric B. and Rakim.

* not comics: so I guess someone snatched up the Amazing Stories trademark and is trying to do something with it? I guess that's sort of interesting in that it's not some giant company doing it and the cynicism implied when there's a corporate element to a revival.

* finally, Jog writes about writing about comics. Jog's an excellent writer and a fine critic, but I have to admit I'm not sure what engendered this much thought about the critical process.
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