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February 10, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* start here for a report and pictures on Shelton Drum's original art exhibition opening. Drum's a force for good in comics, and I enjoyed looking at some of his art at a gallery show during a HeroesCon a few years ago.

image* John Kane on a bunch of different works by Howard Chaykin. Richard Bruton on The Bluecoats Vol. 7. Henry Chamberlain on George Reeves #1. Joe Gordon on The Golem. Paul Constant on Real Good Stuff.

* Jen Vaughn is probably still doing custom art for Valentine's Day. I don't know; you'd have to ask her. Or you could just go look at the art and enjoy the post that way. I don't know. It's up to you.

* not comics: I like this Lisa Hanawalt book cover.

* Johanna Draper Carlson writes about a project called Watson And Holmes that tried print serialization and is going back to a web-serialization model buttressed by print collections. It's worth noting the range of choices for work like taht in the digital/print markets, and also that the Direct Market of comics and hobby shops doesn't always work for all projects.

* not comics: this is an essay about prose reading culture that made the rounds last week that like many of its type has a bit to say about comics culture, as I think there's a certain element of comics culture that struggles more significantly with the idea that any comics that shift you out of any sort of comfort zone are elitist and fail to perform their consumerist function and are therefore unsuccessful. I don't know that I agree with every notion floated here let alone its ability to cross over into comics commentary, but I think that's always a general issue upon which useful time can be spent dwelling.

* if you live in Seattle and have some weekend time free this Spring, you may be able to take a comics course from David Lasky and Greg Stump, who are at once interesting cartoonists and experienced teachers of comics.

* Ng Suat Tong has put together a list of admirable on-line criticism for 2013.

* not comics: you can buy something called a "piggy bag" with John Romita Jr. art on it.

* finally, Sean Kleefeld updates us on his new office/library.
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