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February 11, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Richard Bruton makes an announcement of intention for the British Comics Awards, although there's a long, long time before the nominations window is shut so I'm not sure you need to pay close attention to the details there.

image* Sean Gaffney on Hayate The Combat Butler Vol. 23. Shea Hennum on New Jobs.

* some nice person named Camila profiles Laura Park.

* Marc Arsenault draws an inside back cover for an issue of Monster. Steve Dillon draws Jesse Custer. Wendy Pini draws a fantasy scene. Steve Rude draws Superman. Vaughn Bodé draws a scene from The Wizard Of Oz.

* the very first Watchmen joke.

* I haven't been following the various DC comic books too closely, and the latest "Forever Evil" crossover confuses me, but if the evil, coward-benefiting Green Lantern ring from another universe dragged Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo into one of those grim, gritty superhero comic books, I'd probably have to read it it would be so freaking dumb. J. Caleb Mozzocco was just having a laugh, though.

* I wish I'd thought of this: reading Facebook "like" metrics as a way of indicating potential markets. This is the kind of thing that gets bogged down in lunacy in any comments section, so I skipped them, but my first reaction is that this is a confirmation of what everyone knows about comics: that there's a massive market for female readers, and that this market is in some places still very underserved. Usually the way the arguing breaks down is that one side pretends that not everyone knows this in order to bolster a point they want to make, while the other side doesn't like the implications of this so suggests a variety of side-steps, like the people that "like" comic books aren't really potential customers. The truth is strip comics have long had a majority or near-majority of female readers, ditto manga, ditto webcomics, and art comics have a singificant percentage of women reading them. There are more women reading high-end genre comics like superheroes than you'd think -- my best adult friend's favorite character is Judge Dredd -- although they're likely still not as prevalent as they are within these other readerships, in part because they're willfully not catered to due to culture and perceived paths to profit.

* not comics: I do this only with outsized genitalia.

* missed it: Richard Sherman vs. Shermy.

* finally: hey there, Jackie Ormes.
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