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February 11, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman profiles Naked Body. Carina Taylor on Dead Parents.

* the artist Collen Doran takes up for the late Jim Aparo. I don't think criticizing shifts in art style is off-limits, but variations of "lazy" are an enormous clumsy and insulting tool with which to do. A lot of artists change when they get older, but it's almost always due to an aesthetic that favors clarity, physical accommodation or a desire to work differently including more quickly. "Lazy" gets into some really entitled fandom expectations, too, in addition to it being a bold declaration of principles at work. It's lazy.

* festivals extra: not only is TCAF a mere three months away, so is proximity to all the great restaurants in Toronto.

* this profile of Anders Nilsen reminds me how relatively sophisticated an article like that can be these days, as opposed to the "look at this weird person with the weird job" write-up of the 1990s, when I started paying attention to the coverage of cartoonist. I like the way it suggests that a big part of Nilsen's career is in its development of solution to various artistic problems presented.

* finally: Steve Ditko with a Last Word.
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