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February 13, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I totally missed that Larry Marder's deposition from the McFarlane/Gaiman legal tussle was put on-line. If nothing else, you should go check out the t-shirt in the picture of Marder that accompanies the article, just to remind yourself what great t-shirts those Beanworld characters make.

image* Rob Clough on The Song Of Roland and Jam In The Band. John Anderson on District 14. Sean Gaffney on Wonder! Vol. 3. Brian Gardes on Hiroaki Samura's Emerald And Other Stories. Henry Chamberlain on Elvis Van Helsing. Paul O'Brien on a bunch of X-Men comics. Richard Bruton on The Way We Write. Kelly Thompson on All-New X-Men #7.

* not comics but also comics: hooray for translators.

* not comics: Zack Soto's Adventure Time storyboard test.

* Johanna Draper Carlson talks to John Wells.

* I'm a couple of days behind on this piece from DC executives about recent sales setbacks that have led to serial titles being canceled. There is a lot of talk in there about letting the marketplace decide what publishing initiatives will work. That's always true, of course, but to talk about it openly in that way indicates a certain mindset, I think.

* Ng Suat Tong responds to Eddie Campbell.

* finally, Bob Temuka asks a very basic question about comics-industry rivalries.
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