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February 13, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer Kevin Melrose does a really good job with his summary posts whenever Stan Lee Media raises its head and decides to sue. Yes, they're still around; no, they haven't had any connection to Stan Lee in a long, long time; yes, their basic argument still seems to be the late-night dorm-room hallway position that 1) Stan Lee assigned all of his rights to Stan Lee Media upon its formation, 2) Marvel in working out a settlement with Lee years later admitted that Lee had some rights to the various Marvel characters in which he had a creative hand, 3) because of that earlier SLM blanket rights assignation, the Marvel rights now afforded Lee weren't Lee's to negotiate away in a settlement, they were SLM's, 4) we would like some billions of dollars, please. At this point, SLM is a construct that facilitates lawsuits; they have no reason not to find every nook and cranny from which to launch their legal challenges.

image* J. Caleb Mozzocco on Tippy And The Night Parade and Hearts.

* not comics: I quite liked this handy chart of which motion picture studios control which Marvel superheroes. If it's not something you think about -- and it may not be -- the rights to various Marvel characters are controlled by different studios, and as they're a valuable commodity right now, maybe the valuable commodity in all of movies, this increases the power those characters have in the pop culture marketplace more generally.

* Alex Dueben talks to Jed McGowan.

* Bully blogs the Winter Olympics.

* not comics: Lorraine Turner has an e-book out.

* I'm almost certain top move the India Comic Con stuff from Comixology into its own post, but I like the smiles on the faces of Christina Blanch and Mark Waid in this report.

* these are Glenn Walker's favorite Avengers. I like all of those characters.

* finally, Evan Dorkin speaks truth.
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