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February 14, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I'm actually not sure if this is a reminder or an announcement, but The Sequential Artists Workshop giving out a pair of small cash grants to cartoonists every so often is a good thing that I think should be encouraged and paid attention to as much as we can pay attention to it.

image* Bob Temuka talks about smart people in the Marvel Universe.

* I was happy to see the cartoonist Kazu Kibuishi got the gig to make new covers for the Harry Potter series on the occasion of their 15th anniversary of being published in the US. He's a fun cartoonist, and his work breaks in a very strong with past, major visual representations of that work while being able to encompass some of the same basic design choices. If I were going to own those books, I would want to own the books with those covers. Also: we're only in the early stages of prose publishers really going crazy with special editions of perennial books, and this should be a big, big thing over the next several years.

* Martyn Pedler on Beta Testing The Apocalypse. Biri on Beta Testing The Apocalypse.

* a CBR columnist on the Orson Scott Card at DC writing Superman thing. I may have more on this stuff later this morning.

* the good folks at Robot 6 pull out a profile of someone backing the Stan Lee Media lawsuits against Disney and Marvel. Hey, those suits have always made "Dormitory Hallway At 3 AM Lawyer" sense, they just haven't found a way to make it work in the real world yet.

* Didier Pasamonik talks to Mark Siegel.

* finally, here are books from Fantagraphics that co-publisher Gary Groth publicly recommended recently.
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