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February 14, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* these Batman valentines making the rounds are pretty cute.

image* Todd Klein on BPRD: 1948. Greg Hunter on Batman: Death Of The Family. Bob Heer on The Bojeffries Saga. Zio on Night Business. James Hadfield on Showa: A History Of Japan 1926-1939. David Hockney (briefly) on The Great War.

* I like the look of this one-page comic by Leslie Stein.

* I knew that the late Maggie Estep had done or two comics, but I couldn't remember where and when.

* this article by Steve Lieber about creating a visual design for a superhero comic assignment is a lot of fun.

* David Brothers talks to Jimmie Robinson, Whit Taylor and Qianna Whitted. Someone at the Risha Project talks to Nina Bunjevac. Jeffrey Renaud talks to Klaus Janson. Will Kallenborn profiles JG Jones. Someone with CCI or otherwise hired by them talks to Kelly Sue DeConnick. Jonah Weiland talks to Denys Cowan.

* Jaime, Jaime, Jaime.

* this John Byrne page underlines how cartoony some of that work was he did in Uncanny X-Men.

* not comics: Scott Spencer's article about a pair of odd adaptations of his work is as to the point as any such article I've ever read.

* I know that I mentioned in its own post that Marc Arsenault opened up a new bookstore. I would suggest heading over there and looking around, or looking around on-line, because like any seller that just opened up a store, Arsenault is bound to have stuff available for sale, physically or via mail order, that isn't widely available anywhere else. Imagine people gathering in front of a house with a garage sale as the door comes up. Anyway, I don't think I've seen a lot of this Paul Pope stuff on sale anywhere for a while.

* we forget what a small part of the public imagination comics enjoyed between the time when newsstand comics were everywhere and the time when comics-related properties and concepts were everywhere.

* Meghan Turbitt has a store now.

* not comics: Heidi MacDonald beat me to it, but Jillian Tamaki's illustrations in this Folio Society edition look pretty cool. My dad used to collect those books.

* finally, I greatly enjoyed this Mike Vosburg piece about working with Howard Chaykin. Chaykin is a major talent and a grand personality so that sometimes we lose track of the arc of his career, which is an interesting one to me because it took Chaykin a reasonably long while to get to his best work. I was talking to someone a few months back whose interaction with comics ended in the 1970s in New York, and he was amazed once he got back in how much Chaykin's work changed for the better since he knew him.
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