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February 17, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Harry Backlund digs into the Wordless! shows in which Art Spiegelman is primarily involved. Those look really cool.

image* not sure how I found this link, but here's Farel Dalrymple after John Buscema.

* Paul O'Brien writes a bit about the concept of #1 issues in mainstream comics given 1) they happen all the time now, 2) there are actually ways to have #1 issues that aren't having #1 issues and these are more prevalent now, too.

* congratulations to all of those in comics who became engaged, involved and/or otherwise experienced real human happiness on the occasion of Valentine's Day weekend. I hate you.

* Joseph Remnant draws a candy store. Michael Cho draws Superman.

* Kelly Thompson on She-Hulk #1. Joe Gordon on The Nightly News and The Royals, Masters Of War #1. Richard Bruton on Lighter Than My Shadow.

* a bit more on one of the great re-discoveries of recent years, The Bungle Family.

* Chris Sims' contempt for Bob Kane is truly one of the funniest threads of commentary on the comics Internet.

* young Lauren Weinstein let Lynn Johnston do the talking.

* on the X-Men and quiche.

* finally, Bully has it right at the end, there. This is the entire Silver Age in one comics panel. Nothing funnier has ever lurched out of a mainstream, square-ish expression of creative energy than the Bizarro comics.
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