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February 18, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Brigid Alverson has a nice write-up here on the state of manga in the French-language market. I guess the takeaways is supposed to be that it's down a bit, but I'm not sure why that's surprising. Eventually, most markets dip, and there are all sorts of good reasons why a market that has put out so much material over the last ten years would dip. It sure is interesting to note all the factors in play, though.

image* Bob Temuka writes about those funny Justice League comics from a generation ago, now.

* not comics: on constructing a twitter persona. I didn't think it would be news in February 2014 that twitter can help you craft better sentences or that dedicated tweeter have a lot in common with aphorists, but there you go.

* Reginald Stuart profiles John Lewis. Dan Kloeffler and Mary-Rose Abraham profile Al Jaffee. Michael Silverblatt talks to Junot Diaz and Jaime Hernandez. Albert Ching talks to Ted Adams. Elena Ferrarin profiles Chris Ecker.

* this Mike Richardson interview has received some buzz for an odd reason: Richardson claiming that Dark Horse spearheaded the creator-driven comics movement. I don't think that's tenable in any way, shape or form, and I'd love to hear Mike discuss why he think his company spearheaded something that seemingly had been around for years and years as a significant part of a couple dozen companies. I don't even mean that as a challenge, I'm genuinely interested in how he sees it: for instance, I don't know if he means they offered a certain way of approaching those comics no one did, or if he means they had a market impact that others didn't. I hope someone gets to follow up. As for the interview more generally, it seems to the person that recommended it to me that it's a very post-New Image Surge interview and I think that's a fair assessment. When creator-owned comics gain some traction, people start to carve out space for themselves in relation to those comics.

* Jason Sacks on Everybody Is Stupid Except For Me.

* finally, here is Vanessa Davis' response to Art Spiegelman's big art exhibit.
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