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February 19, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this was the most interesting nugget of information to come out of the Success In Comics seminar that Alan Gardner attended.

image* Elliot Elam talks to Gilbert Shelton. Bill Baker talks to Warren Ellis and Gary Scott Beatty.

* Excelsior!

* speaking of Lee, check out this early X-Men Jack Kirby/Paul Reinman page, complete with Tom Brevoort pointing out where a word balloon was tried, abandoned and then whited out.

* all hail the Accidental Baby President.

* Diana Clarke on Unterzakhn.

* weirdly, all of these Periscope Studios members look like they're in a room with a bright green background, except for Steve Lieber.

* Paul Azaceta draws Conan.

* what could conceivably be argued to be the most powerful job in North American comic books is seeking applicants. I totally missed that one. It's not really the most powerful job, but you could be drunk and argue that it is and you might convince some other drunk people. It's not un-powerful.

* Roman Muradov, constrained.

* finally, here's that Dean Haspiel talk at the Library Of Congress. Haspiel was invited to speak after donating his mini-comics to their collection. I thought that was a good thing Haspiel did.
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