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February 19, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Caliber Comics is making a comeback with one of those enterprises that looks like it will be in the "leveraging properties" business, but I could be wrong.

image* J. Caleb Mozzocco on Beautiful Darkness. Todd Klein on Green Lantern #27 and Dark Horse Presents #23. John Kane on a bunch of different comics. Michael Buntag on Ms. Marvel #1. Bob Temuka profiles Simon Bisley. Henry Chamberlain on Adventure Time #25. Johanna Draper Carlson on The Man Of Tango. Richard Bruton on Snowpiercer Vol. 1. Kelly Thompson on She-Hulk #1. Sarah Horrocks on Nurse Nurse.

* go here to vote for the Eisner Hall Of Fame, if you're eligible. It's easy to find four names to vote for in there; I think the one I would find most delightful if she wins is Francoise Mouly, the great designer, editor and publisher.

* Sean Kleefeld reminds us that Bob Haney's writing could be sort of nuts. I actually encounter older creators like Haney quite a bit -- hell, I might be turning into one were I to create more frequently. Haney had a real sensitivity for comics on the page, and I lot of his work feels slightly affected I think for him chasing a certain effect. That's my theory, anyway.

* here's a lengthy piece following up on the issue of the dismissive treatment women customers sometimes receive in comics shops and how that can also be 100 percent true for new readers of all types. I'm always happy to read about people's experience reading comics because I think the highly personalized relationship that people have with reading comics is one of the more fascinating things about the medium as it exists right now. As for the actual issue, I kind of feel like it's obviously bad to make people feel crummy just for wanting to buy stuff, but I don't know that have much more than a sentence in me saying so.

* hey, this still exists. I had no idea. Mike Sterling mentioned it.

* that is indeed some first-rate Richard Milhous Nixon.

* this looks like a hero history for Batgirl.

* the writer Matt Fraction dissects another pair of comics pages. It's fun to imagine being 17 years old and just lapping this stuff up. Don't get me wrong, I'm 45 and was super-entertained by it, but I think at that age I would have thought it the most awesome thing in the world for an admired pro to dig into a work like that. Speaking of process posts (well, analysis posts are sort of like process posts), here's one featuring Rutu Modan.

* Sean Gaffney catches up with some licenses.

* I've never had a serious beef with the word "comics." I actually have more of a beef with the word "beef."

* finally, here are the most anticipated books of the Spring 2014 season according to the nice folks at PW; a graphic novel section is included.
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