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February 20, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I think I mentioned this on the various social media platforms but maybe not on the site: Mark Waid would like to talk to you about a class on comics he's supporting. It's based out of Ball State University, and it's on that campus or near that campus that I learned all I know of the nerdly arts. I believe it's this class.

image* Chris Mautner on Abelard.

* the writer Kelly Sue DeConnick writes in very broad but I would imagine useful terms about the pitching and writing process with Marvel Comics, particularly the element of what gets dictated to a writer by editorial and what is generated by the writer. The writer generates most of it.

* Laura Sneddon talks to Neal Adams. Robin McConnell talks to Michel Rabagliati. Dan Nadel talks to Gabrielle Bell in his kitchen -- it's a very casual conversation in a way that works, I think, and I'm usually not a fan of that approach.

* here's a Johnny Ryan illustration that got bookmarked.

* where do duck comics and symphonic metal meet? Right here.

* finally, Christopher Borrelli profiled Wilfred Santiago and his forthcoming book on Michael Jordan, in an article that ran on Jordan's 50th birthday. Borrelli makes an interesting point about that book, that there simply isn't a lot of art that's been made with Jordan as its subject matter.
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