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February 22, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* best single line of publishing news I've read in months: Chuck Forsman to Faber & Faber.

* if I'm reading this twitter thread correctly, some of those involve with the kids comics store Little Island Comics are re-opening store. That is a good thing and hopeful in all the ways Chris describes.

* I'm sort of fascinated by the Wet Hot American Summer comic book project because it seems like there's 3X the amount of film in existence for the project than really needs to exist. Put another way, there's not exactly unexplored territory compared to other shows and concepts that get this done for them. Graeme McMillan names the creative team.

* let's all open graphic novel libraries.

* finally: it didn't enjoy much of a life here despite its cast and the return of Gus Van Sant to higher profile narrative filmmaking, but perhaps the John Callahan biopic will find its audience in Europe.
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