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February 25, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Chris Arrant talks to Nate Bellegarde. Brigid Alverson talks to Erin Polgreen. Alex Dueben talks to Richard Sala. James Romberger talks to Tom Kaczynski.

* not comics: Carol Burnett as Supergirl in an early '60s TV sketch.

* Clare Fentress on Susceptible. Tim Kreider on Paying For It. Rob Clough on various mini-comics. Frank Pauer profiles Drew Friedman.

* I'm not sure where the hell this came from, so apologies to the person that had it, but here's Robert Crumb talking about a whole bunch of different people of note.

* Ryan Holmberg on the seemingly inexhaustible subject of Osamu Tezuka and New Treasure Island.

* finally, here are some napping Avengers for your digital wallpapering needs.
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