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February 26, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I am greatly enjoying reading sections of the late Bhob Stewart's Potrzebie blog, like this one on doing a Jules Feiffer parody for Paul Krassner's mighty Realist. That post made me track down some J.C..

image* I agree with J. Caleb Mozzocco that the image at left makes for a striking cover on Marvel's latest stab at a Nightcrawler comic book series. I like that character -- that is a lovely design by Dave Cockrum, for one thing, and it was necessary for those comics at that time to engage with superpowered people that looked odd -- and didn't know he was dead in Marvel continuity until I read about this series bringing him back to life.

* what do comic book writers do? I'm not sure there's ever one answer to that question, but it's always nice to hear the different perspectives worked out a bit in public.

* a number of people have told me they enjoyed the latest Boulet effort pulling at the boundaries of what a comic can do on-line, at least a bit.

* Mark Maynard talks to Scott Huffines and Sarah Boonstoppel. Some nice person talks to Chris Ware. Rachel Edidin talks to Evan Dorkin. Some folks from Ad Astra Comix talk to some folks from WW3 Illustrated. Mark Maynard talks to Pete Jordan. Tom Racine talks to Greg Johnson. Anthony Castle talks to Dale Maccanti. Brigid Alverson talks to Charles Forsman. Heidi MacDonald talks to Paul Gravett.

* I'm not exactly sure what this is in terms of its context or purpose, but it seems to be a bunch of rules and/or observations concerning/about the practice of journalism in comics form.

* I like the look of the commissioned art that the cartoonist Joseph Remnant has been doing lately.

* I just about completely lack the context to decribe this set of British strips any more effectively than they are described in their presentation, but I enjoyed looking at them. There are enough comics out there already published that I haven't seen yet to satisfy my comics reading impulses for every day over the next 30 years.

* Michel Fiffe found and posted a published Kyle Baker try-out scene -- with John Romita's notes in response -- for Marvel in the 1980s.

* all hail Roger Langridge. I enjoyed this drawing by Stacy Curtis, too. And these by Chris Wright.

* Batman can be used to explain anything.

* Shaenon Garrity on Bloom County. Sean Gaffney on My Little Monster Vol. 1. Bart Croonenborghs on Stumbling. Matthias Wivel on the best Danish comics of last year. Doug Zawisza on Daredevil: Road Warrior #1. Rachel Edidin on "Written In The Bones." Jon Morris on Love And Rockets. Rob McMonigal on Merrick The Elephant Man #1. Todd Klein on Swamp Thing #27.

* finally, Kim Thompson was the best.
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