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February 27, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Jess Camacho on Valiant High #1.

* that joke isn't funny enough to justify its place bumped up against some strong concerns readers will express, even if they're not really all that apt. If I put an equivalent tweet out there, I'd likely delete it.

* Sean Howe has a moment in mind when the Marvel Age of Comics truly began, and it'd be difficult to argue him out of it.

* this is a nice cartooned tribute to the late actor Bill Paxton.

* a pair of pin-ups of notice: 1) Kevin Nowlan doing Hellboy art seems a natural fit of artist and subject. It's handsome like nearly everything Nowlan does. 2) One thing I love about John Fantucchio's art is that what seems like a terrible idea when you think of it in abstract sort of works on the page.

* finally, these pieces of John Romita Spider-Man art are pretty great examples of his deep and abiding importance to that company.
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