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February 27, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rae Epstein on Crawl Space. Matt Seneca on the Deadline comics made by Shaky Kane.

* a major exhibition featuring Pierre Sadek is the kind of thing that makes you wish you had a teleportation machine. I would be the worst person to given that technology, obviously.

* Gary Tyrrell has nice things to say about Spike Trotman, Evan Dahm and Riceboy. Jessamy Calkin profiles Matt Davies.

* I hadn't noticed that Stan Lee canceled an appearance in Cleveland, without specific cause. Every cancellation is worthy of note these days.

* by request extra: Frank Santoro is auctioning off a copy of Fantastic Four #52, featuring The Black Panther.

* Katie Skelly pulls into position as the latest diary-maker over at TCJ. That's a great feature, and Skelly as of late can do no wrong.

* finally: Steve Foxe and Caitlin Rosberg take a look at the end-of-month releases.
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