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March 4, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Keith Knight, inaugural member of the Malden High School hall of fame.

* this is one your periodical reminders to vote for Hall Of Fame candidates at the Eisners, if you're elegible.

image* Chris Arrant talks to the writer Chuck Dixon. Richard Bruton on Infrastructure. Kelly Thompson on The Wake #6. Zainab Akhtar on Syklus. Mark Ginocchio on Fantastic Four #371-375. Brian Cronin on Kill Godz #1. Lauren Davis on Supercakes. Alastair Stuart On Storm Dogs. Eric Diaz on The Shadow Hero: The Green Turtle Chronicles #1.

* not comics: IDW Games and Pandasaurus will expand their partnership. Given the revenue potential here, I'm not sure why more companies don't have active gaming divisions -- and by saying that I mean I'm super-ignorant, not that my lack of knowledge indicates they're all dumbasses for not doing more work in this area; I just really don't know. Of course, some companies just don't have an interest.

* Ulisses Farinas writes about not reviewing comics anymore. I symapthize. When I first dove into reviewing a bunch of comics all at once, it was very tough for me to take after that initial burst of energy. It becomes tough for me at times now. And that's without same-medium creative impulses.

* a Facebook page to like.

* not comics: this article about livings absolutely crumbling for mid-list prose authors won't have a lot of sympathy in comics circles, where creators tend to be split amongst those that have outside opportunities and those that don't have any opportunities at all and so are both hostile to the limited opportunities facing these authors. Still, I think it's worth noting every single time that a bit of cold water is thrown on the idea of the writer heroically making their way through the business world through their own merits, rise or fall. I also think that these article represent an opportunity to reform these businesses so that they are giving as many authors as possible a best shot. I'm not saying that can always be done, but I think there's a big shrugged-shoulder component of these articles that "well, that's the way it is." And the way it is a lot of time is because people make choices that push these businesses in that direction -- or don't push back against certain kinds of drift.

* Michael Cavna caught some of the reaction to this year's class of Reuben Award finalists. That has to be a positive moment in your life.

* not comics: this article has some really delicate loyalties that make it hard to track its exact point, but it does make me think that if its point is that academic writing and work has become more insular in many ways that comics' gains in academia seem the opposite of the in a couple of ways: the presentations I've seen are way more general audience friendly than they were 20 years ago, and I've had a lot of academics describe to me that comics' value to academia is in one sense the popularity of those courses, which I see as a contrast to their appealing to other academics only.

* the answer isn't "be awesome"?

* not comics: here's a short, summary take on the recent newspaper revenue statistics: stabilization, not recovery.

* Stephen Cooke profiles Kate Leth.

* finally, I totally missed this story about the original Humanoids logo.
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