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March 5, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Dan Morris profiles Raymond Pettibon.

image* Chris Sims on Daredevil: Road Warrior #1.

* here's a piece on the First Second blog on how to get a publisher to notice you. I think the three things that come out of all of these articles are 1) do some completed work, in whatever form is available to you, 2) be clear and polite and sensible in your direct dealings, 3) remember that it's really only surpassing talent that goes straight to the front of the class. If you're as good as anyone doing comics, no matter how you do them, you'll get a different reaction from every sort of gatekeeper than if you can argue that you're just as good in some ways as some of the people doing comics. That last one... I see a lot of people angry because they feel they're not the worst person ever to do comics and therefore are entitled an opportunity. That's a really weird leap.

* not comics: I've been running too many "not comics" stories this week, but this piece on a potential new start for Newsweek as a digital and print concern speaks to something that get's talked about on this blog a lot. A lot of what we ascribe to print's decline or to on-line publication's unworkability can be argued is simply a mismatch of mechanism to deliver something and the economic potential of the idea itself, and that this is really hitting publications that existed as entities in a previous era and have to adjust to the new one, whether that era is the golden age of magazine production or Internet Publishing Age One. If you're able to start from the ground up, a lot of entities have viability, just not the viability they once had or the viability hoped for them in a business plan. I think this can be true of comics publishing, too.

* Johnny Ryan went to a Corey Feldman party on Vice's dime, and drew pictures of the resulting sadness.

* Robin McConnell talks to Brandon Graham, Craig Thompson and Mike Allred. Robert Tutton talks to Declan Shalvey. Someone I can't tell who they are talks to Zander Cannon.

* not comics: the only things I took out of this commentary piece on Jonathan Ross being chased away from hosting the Hugo Awards is that 1) the politics of any community are nettlesome and very, very particular 2) some people do see values other than publicity and promotion, while other people only see that value or assume it's the most important one; this includes those that want their professional community portrayed in a certain way and 3) it's too bad for this kind of discussion if Ross was accused of a line of professional work -- cruel humor of a certain kind -- that some people believe is not something he does, although I'm still of the mind that it shouldn't matter all that much. Also, this is way more time than I should spend thinking about group-think and public identity issues.

* it's always worth hearing from working professionals that being a cartoonist is super-hard, but I'm not sure if that's a secret as much as a corrective to a misapprehension.

* finally, Mike Thompson is going to get rid of most of his massive comics collection, and has decided to blog about it.
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