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March 6, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Whit Taylor provides tips on how to make comics when you work full-time doing something else.

* this is one your periodical reminders to vote for Hall Of Fame candidates at the Eisners, if you're elegible.

image* small press comics veteran Colin Upton writes about a key Vancouver neighborhood.

* Jason Tabrys talks to Bob Fingerman. Michael Maslin interviews a trio of New Yorker newbies. Steve Sunu talks to Mike Marts. Milton Griepp talks to Kevin Hamric. Chris Arrant talks to Declan Shalvey. Seth Robison talks to Frederick Schroeder and Dave Kellett. Janelle Asselin profiles Maria Frohlich. Some nice person on Tiny Pencil talks to Renee French.

* well, of course there are comics about 1970s Genesis.

* Richard Sala is in a very good place, art-wise. And there's very little more pleasurable than random Rogan Gosh art, published or unpublished. Never seen this Graham Nolan Hulk art.

* Greg Burgas on Crystallized. Mike Sterlin on normalman. Rob McMonigal on Mask Of The Red Panda. Todd Klein on Green Lantern Corps #26. Justice League #26. Bart Croonenborghs on My Life As A Cat Named Sugar. Rob Clough on Dog City #2 and the works of David J. Zelman. Abhay Khosla on a bunch of different comics. Grant Goggans on The Bojeffries Saga. Daniel Elkin on Black Is The Color.

* more art: Luke Pearson draws for The New Republic. Darryl Cunningham draws in orange. Jillian Tamaki drew Ryan Sands.

* Jacq Cohen is the best. This Stuart McMillen article is only barely related, but that's good enough for me.

* how Lucy Knisley became "That Anti-Social Girl."

* finally, Frank Santoro shows us what he brought back from Frances. Comics-wise, I mean.
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