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March 11, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* ICAF Lent Scholarship information is up. John Lent is a mighty figure in the field of comics studies, and it would be a great honor to receive support in his name. When I would publish him in the Comics Journal 20 years ago, Lent routinely knew about specific cartoonists in countries I hadn't heard of.

image* Rob Clough profiiles Victor Kerlow.

* here's a nice list of creators working the mainstream-bleed-into-indy part of comics that one should know.

* I think because of the Brandon Graham ECCC poster this post about a Madman 20th Anniversary poster showed up in my bookmarks. I think I could have spent about four hours a day as a kid looking at pictures featuring some sort of comics or cartoon art and depicting a bunch of different characters.

* before you ask, here's that Graham poster. I like that Graham fixated on the convention center's escalators as the central physical-space identifier because I hadn't thought about it before but it's very true. The only place for which I have a stronger escalator imprint is the Water Tower Place shopping center in Chicago, which was sort of like retail Disney World when I was in single digits.

* Sean Gaffney on Insufficient Direction. Todd Klein on Green Lantern: New Guardians #27. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Wolverine And The X-Men Vol. 4.

* here's a mini-profile my NYT article allowance won't let me access about arguably the most important publisher in comics right now.

* not comics: part of me doesn't want to pay any attention at all to the WWE wrestling network because it seems like they should have done this years and years ago, but at the same time I have to imagine that Marvel and to a lesser extent DC are paying attention to any attempt to monetize something with a ton of existing media content like that... I could see it being a Marvel strategy six to eight years from now as they grind their way to a decent amount of broadcast material. All those toes are in the water in terms of generating support content and binding it to digital comics and animation expressions, too.

* hard not to fall in love with this short profile of a year in the publication life of JB Handelsman, one of the better New Yorker cartoonists of the hardcore William Shawn years and one of the few to flit successfully between multiple styles.

* I did not know about the comic or the fact driving the comic.

* so apparently you can download a lot of older comics for free. I don't know how I missed that article, which makes me think it's a re-posting of a super-old one, but I like the idea of this older material finding its way on-line into archives because maybe that will allow us ways archive material that is web-only.

* finally, here's a photo set from a college lecture given by one of our very best cartoonists, Kevin Huizenga.
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