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March 13, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I couldn't be happier to hear that Matt Bors won this year's Herblock Prize. He's a very skilled, very serious cartoonist and it's hard to imagine someone out there working right now in a better place for any raise in profile that may come with an award like that one. The Herblock comes with a cash prize. By the way, I think this Bors cartoon on Steve Jobs was an important moment in terms of putting the cartoonist, occasional comics-maker and Cartoon Movement editor out in front of people: it was smart and funny and by far the most memorable cartoon about Jobs' passing.

image* is there anything nicer than jumping on-line and finding an Ivan Brunetti New Yorker cover gallery just waiting for you? I think not.

* not comics: via Brian Moore and the author John Crowley comes this magnificent review of John Carter.

* Greg McElhatton on Hell Yeah #1. Rob Clough on Incredible Change-Bots Two. Philip Shropshire on Spaceman #4. Don MacPherson on various comics. Johanna Draper Carlson on The Lovely, Horrible Stuff and Baby's In Black. Sean Gaffney on One Piece Vol. 61. Paul Rainey on Fantastic Four Adventures Vol. 2 #23-28. Katherine Dacey on Is This A Zombie? Vol. 1.

* not comics: you know, that is an attractive t-shirt.

* so I guess Captain Marvel is coming back. Not the one re-named "Shazam" by DC Comics with the dishtowel on his head, but the one at Marvel that died of cancer back in the '80s in one of those graphic novels that looked like they were all designed to feature cancer-related storylines. I can't imagine this is the first time they've tried to bring him back, but there you go.

* five years in Leavenworth for selling Boob McNutt.

* Tim O'Shea talks to Jamaica Dyer.

* Paul Duffield writes about the pernicious qualities of sexism in an arts industry.

* I don't really understand the point of this interview, since any figures tossed out are supplied in haphazard fashion, in broad terms, and not explained. I guess it's sort of interesting to hear that direct market retailers represented at a recent meeting seem to be solidly behind the $2.99 price point, because it was my impression that more material was potentially going to be priced above that price point. I hope this means that's off the table. My suspicion is that the price point is important and that as many comics need to be priced as cheaply as they possibly can because of the really hard to track effect higher price points have in terms of driving readers from the market once their cumulative purchases are no longer satisfying. I hope that DC continues to see the value in rational pricing, because there's going to be no real backtracking from Marvel. If they gain a market advantage from following a policy that involves the least amount of primary market self-immolation, bully for them.

* I completely whiffed on the existence of Sister when doing Jan Berenstain's obituary. There was a time when I thought I knew everything about comics when I knew only 1/100th of what I know now, and I still learn something new every day.

* Tony Millionaire draws Popeye.

* finally, they need to have Faith Erin Hicks do a Hunger Games graphic novel because a) I'm guessing that in all the universes where a Hunger Games graphic novel is made about 99 percent of them are super-boring, and b) I need something to bring the teenaged children of the friends in whose homes I'm staying at a couple of different points this year. Here's what it would look like.
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