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March 13, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Justin Crouse on 47 Ronin. Kelly Thompson on Velvet #4. Richard Bruton on London Horror Comic #6.

* not comics: this is a point I never considered before about journalism, although I think the primary calamity is that there are so few roles we allow journalists to play and that there's a sameness to the quality of journalism as a result. Reading the source article, I also actually think Matt Taibbi is wrong about there not being an avenue for people to connect with personal voices in journalism, and thus feel their outrage. I think that's been thoroughly co-opted, too. We have a lot of very colorful, outraged personalities practicing journalism now, and a lot of it is satirically brilliant -- and almost none of it matters. I don't think we need a revival of Spy-type presentation as much we need people to develop more Matt Taibbis; I never responded to his personal outrage or my sense that I knew him when he was at Rolling Stone, I responded to his prose and reporting.

* Chris Arrant Talks to Evan Dorkin. Here's Dorkin on that interview.Vijay Vanniarajan talks to Neil Gaiman. Zainab Akhtar talks to Koh Hong Teng.

* it is shameful that there aren't more female editorial cartoonists and that there aren't more winners of the top half-dozen (or so; there are more than two) major awards among the female editorial cartoonists we have. Still, I think it's a bit unfair of this article to slam the Herblock Foundation using the Pulitzer's track record for the weight of the argument. I also think the case for more female winners is made weaker by listing so many cartoonists, with vast differences in career output and displayed skill, as if they're all deserving -- or were deserving -- of a major prize. I think one great thing about Jen Sorensen's win is that it seems to come at exactly the time in her career she should start being up for these major awards.

* finally, J. Caleb Mozzocco tracks appearances of Cerebus in Jimmy Gownley's The Dumbest Idea Ever.
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