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March 14, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is your semi-occasional reminder to go and vote for the Eisner Hall Of Fame.

image* Matt Derman on various comics released in 1987. Whoever does Longbox Coffin on The Dormitory. Richard Bruton on Atomic Sheep. Sheaenon Garrity on The Cattle Raid Of Cooley and About A Bull. Rob Clough on the works of Josh Simmons.

* not comics: Johanna Draper Carlson reports in from the odd world of licensend tie-in writing or however it shoudl be called, the making-somewhat-official of certain kinds of fan fiction writing written according to specific parameters. I always thought something like this might work for someo fot he odder properties at the Big Two comics companies, so I've tried to pay attention. I think I'm less convinced that it could work now.

* Julia Wertz is seeking an intern.

* Leonard Pierce's long piece about Zen Pencils is worth reading, particularly if you dig into it for the insights into the cultural idea being developed as opposed to an attack against which certain folks need to be defended. In other words, I think it's interesting to figure out how art like that may work, and what it may be saying. I find the works I've read from that cartoonist banal, crudely executed and almost nonsensical, but certainly it triggers something in people so that they react very strongly and positively to what that person has to say.

* finally, Noah Van Sciver talks about the importance of Robert Crumb.
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