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March 15, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the FLUKE show in Athens has sent out a press release I'll stick at the end of this sentence: FLUKE2012pr.doc. The show is April 21 this year, and I wish there were a dozen more like it in similar communities.

* Mark Evanier notes the passing of Josie DeCarlo.

image* Mike Dawson talks to Renée French. Katie Haegle talks to Eliza Frye. Matt Seneca talks to Michael DeForge. Kurt Amacker talks to Alan Moore. Deb Aoki profiles Jaime Hernandez.

* not comics: Joe Gross is thankful for the portrayal of a comic store clerk in the movie Gayby.

* Sean Collins mentions on Twitter that he's no longer blogging for the group effort Robot 6. I thought Collins did a good job with alt- and art-comics coverage for that part of the CBR on-line comics news empire.

* Martin Wisse describes his comics comfort reads. I don't know that I have specific comics comfort reads but I read a lot of comics in that way, if that makes any sense. Like if I'm in a super-crappy mood or other feeling down I'll pull some random serial comics series out and spend a couple of days with those comics as my reading companion.

* Abhay Khosla has some questions he'd like to ask Alan Moore.

* Evan Dorkin wonders after the comics box-office bombs. I bet there's a prose book-publisher project or two that barely made any money back on their advances, maybe the one or two that were positioned as successors to Persepolis. You also have to consider Team Tundra.

* Chris Butcher writes about the Tohoku Disaster one year later. That event was a big deal for a lot of comics reader whose consumption of manga was part of a bigger process of learning about/learning to enjoy Japanese culture more generally.

* in case you were wondering -- I sort of was -- Garry Trudeau has done strips about abortion before this week's run and they weren't always very well received, either.

* it's all positive news from Gary Tyrrell at Fleen.

* Leah Moore on the fact that female readers of comics read all kinds of comics.

* Andrew Shuping on Saga #1. Greg McElhatton on Empire State. Don MacPherson on The Secret History Of DB Cooper #1. Sean Gaffney on Twin Spica Vol. 12. Sean T. Collins on Pope Hats #1-2. Bart Croonenborghs on the latest Slaine. Todd Klein on Hellboy: House Of The Living Dead and Hellboy: The House Of Hell And Others.

* there's a new site up for the Jeffrey Jones film. (thanks, David Scroggy)

* Sean Kleefeld explains why crossovers don't work.

* I never understand the toys, not really, but that is a very handsome shelf full of comics.

* Alan David Doane describes his lack of interest in the comics themselves.

* finally, Philip Eagle wrote in to mention in reference to my whining about the lack of underground/alt-comics work available in digital editions that there's at least one academically-oriented repository of that material. I did not know about this.
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