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March 17, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* consider this your occasional reminder to vote in the Eisner Awards Hall Of Fame vote, if you're eligible.

image* John Kane on Mighty Avengers #6-7. Sam Henderson on VIP: The Mad World Of Virgil Partch. Dominic Umile on Scene But Not Heard. The nice people from Page 45 reveiw a bunch of different high-profile releases. Joshuaon on Delusional. Greg Burgas on Heavy Metal Vol. 2 #5. Ken H on Attack On Titan: Before The Fall Vol. 1. Todd Klein on Dark Horse Presents #26.

* not sure exactly what these are, but they're cool-looking.

* here's a rare review of a comics presentation of the kind that are becoming more and more standard these days.

* that is a super-fun animated gif featuring a giant strip being created by Max Rodrigues.

* Rich Warren profiles the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum for the Chicago Tribune, which I'm told is still the King of the Midwestern Newspapers.

* Paul Gravett previews the Comics Unmasked exhibit going up at the British Library in early May by calling attention to the unveiling of a Jamie Hewlett image. Gravett's the only person that can routinely do smart preview articles and post articles about his own activities without it seeming smarmy. There are grander superpowers, but I'm not sure in today's world there are many more useful.

* Gina Gagliano has some suggestions on how to submit manuscripts to a publisher.

* Mark Bosworth profiles the great Tove Jansson.

* Richard Bruton recommends a comic by Kate Leth.

* finally, Joseph Remnant draws a block of downtown Dayton. Guy Delisle draws one of these things whatever they're called, that you put in a book to mark it as a special or directed edition.
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