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May 20, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Paul Gravett digs into the hostility that critics sometimes evince when confronted with comics.

image* Todd Klein on Justice League #29. I am sort of completely baffled when I read those "Forever Evil" comics, which posited this world-changing event that I somehow don't see in all of the DC titles I read and seems to come out a half-step slower than the other comics the company makes. I find reading those kinds of casual armageddon moments very odd, like hearing someone is sick in the hospital and then five minutes later seeing them in a local coffee shop drinking coffee. Okay, maybe not exactly like that. But it's very specific and peculiar weird. Patrick Hess on The Bounce #12. Brandon Soderberg on Popeye, The Classic Newspaper Comics -- Volume One: 1986-1989.

* the number of words on this page is astonishing, and I'm a fan of a certain kind of mainstream comics presentation that emphasizes a lot of words.

* holy moley, look at that pencil drawing from Alex Nino.

* not comics: Chris Ware makes a rock poster.

* David Lasky has finally put up some photos from his trip to Russia last year.

* Richard Bruton talks to Gareth Brookes. Emma Courtland profiles Jaime Hernandez. Abigail Sindzinski profiles Ben Katchor. Karen Peltier profiles Lale Westvind.

* people are going to keep e-mailing me links to the comic on a strand of hair until I run a link.

* not comics: totally missed the passing of HR Giger, one of the visual artists that greatly influenced a certain kind of fantastic comics art in the 1970s and into the 1980s. I would say his influence was both directly and indirectly felt, and certainly the use of his visual imagery in Alien was also of great benefit to comics stylists a generation later for the fealty show his work as opposed to the film industry making that work generic. Here's a nice little gallery.

* Rich Johnston notes that 3/4 of all the black writers nominated for an Eisner the last ten years were nominated this year.

* that is an astonishing amount of money for anything, let alone original art. That's money that doesn't really have any connection to what you and I think of as money.

* here's a history of comics featuring Godzilla. And here's Brandon Graham drawing Godzilla.

* some cartoonist needs to bring back the wacky doctor look.

* not comics: if you visit all of these New York City bookstores you're supposed to visit before you die, you could buy comics at a bunch of them.

* finally, Paul Pope draws Zatoichi.
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