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March 21, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the new Epitaph Records by way of Steve Niles comics distribution endeavor has a name and a first project.

image* David King buys some comics.

* Jillian Steinhauer on Harvey Pekar's Cleveland.

* more Bad Dad.

* I have a few Before Watchmen commentary posts that have been sitting in my bookmarks folder for weeks. I'm sorry about that.

* Pascal Girard, Matt Forsythe and Tom Devlin go back to school. 1980s-style hijinks and a cameo by John Kapelos failed to develop, but it sounds like a good trip anyway.

* that the Comics Journal opened up their archives to a Moebius interview on that great artist's passing had the unintended consequence of providing access to a Tony Auth interview when the former Philadelphia Inquirer cartoonist was in the news for becoming former to that publication.

* I can't be the only one that would buy this.

* not comics: here's an article about the print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica ending that devolves into a "you couldn't possibly read every volume of an edition" nerd battle royale in the comments section. For some reason, that seems appropriate. I am very grateful that our household had one one of these when I was a kid.

* Ryan Sands may or may not be an underappreciated figure depending on your perspective, but he's at least a big enough deal to appear in the dreams of cartoonists. Speaking of people on that list, here's a TCJ profile of John Workman.

* Tom Racine talks to Darrin Bell.

* not comics: when critics mattered.

* finally, a Superman Art Mystery.
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