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March 22, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Michael May revisits some of the recent not-comics links on paying creators that you may have seen here and adds a few of his own, as well as his own take on the subject. I think all of this asking of questions is super-healthy; if you're only making a modest amount and you're paying a modest amount, I can't see that there's any harm in the subject being explored. In theory and in practical, historical terms, there are reasons that creators may work for free -- but none of those reasons is "because sometimes people work for free."

image* that very same Michael May pores over Lookouts. Johanna Draper Carlson on Superzelda, Message To Adolf Vol. 2 and Lizzie Newton: Victorian Mysteries Vol. 2. Henry Chamberlain on Action Comics #18. Paul O'Brien on a bunch of X-Men comics. Kelly Thompson on Fearless Defenders #2. Sean T. Collins on "His Face All Red."

* I like this Spider-Man cartoon.

* not comics: Moleskine opens up a US store. There will be some drawing on some of those pieces of paper that are to be found in that store.

* Ryan Burton talks to Patrick McEown. Padraig O Mealoid talks to Eddie Campbell. Bill Baker talks to Manuel Auad.

* HeroesCon needs volunteers.

* Johanna Draper Carlson notes Entertainment Weekly's cursory coverage of the Orson Scott Card writing Superman controversy at DC Comics.

* there are so many things to buy that aren't exactly comics, like one of these prints, or this print specifically or this t-shirt.

* don't really know why there are three Thors here -- I would assume time travel, but it could also just be a fanciful picture united by the fact that it's the same dude -- but I liked this picture. Thor should be full of pretty pictures like this, like an endless series of never-before-seen heavy metal album covers.

* RW Watkins teases the early Spider-Man out of Blue Velvet.

* finally, Laura Park is the best.
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