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March 23, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* check out commentary from Box Brown and the team of Al Ewing and Brendan McCarthy on specific works over at the FPI Blog.

image* Sean T. Collins on SuperMutant Magic Academy. Rob Clough on some mini-comics, sorted by theme. Todd Klein on Night Force #1. Don MacPherson on Short Hand. Katherine Dacey on The Sabertooth Vampire. Greg McElhatton on Luther. J. Caleb Mozzocco on a bunch of comic books. Richard Bruton on Harbour Moon.

* who runs the Cartoon Library?

* there are a lot of Kolor Klimax images in high-resolution in their press pack. Speaking of packs, Warren Ellis' is a lot cooler than mine. Mine has a beat up Toshiba laptop for which I forgot to bring the extension cord so it has no power, a copy of a Super-Villain Team-Up issue drawn by George Evans, a sandwich, a pen I stole from the bank, another sandwich, the license for the dog I keep forgetting to put on the dog, and an article my brother sent me from Hollywood Reporter about television shows I don't watch.

* the DC kids title Superman Family Adventures is previewed here. Kids really seemed to like the last one that those creators did, at least much as kids were able to put their hands on it.

* in hosting various countdown posts leading up to the release of the art book Modern Cartoonist, the Daniel Clowes blog has been hopping with new stuff.

* Guzumo talks to Dylan Horrocks. RC Harvey profiles Johnny Hart. The Hodler/Nadel era at TCJ has enjoyed a lot of success getting quality material from Harvey. Alex Dueben talks to Brian K. Vaughan.

* here's the first word I've seen about the Centre Pompidou phase of this year's Art Spiegelman exhibit. First official, PR-type word, I mean.

* finally, Brigid Alverson explores the question of manga buying habits and comic book shops.
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