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March 25, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Barry Pearl on Empire Of Monsters. Tom Kaczynski digs into another generation's Batman event series.

* not comics: things remain hilariously awful for newspapers in a lot of ways.

* Brigid Alverson profiles Bill Griffith on the occasion of Nobody's Fool.

* this article suggests that DC is doing some universe-building on the fly in their latest comics. I would imagine they could use some remodeling, this isn't the best version of that particular fantasy universe, even with the changes and tweaks made post New 52.

* Daniel Chabon is Senior Editor at Dark Horse and looks as young as can be. That's a publisher that could use some stability, and any current hires are going to be important to their future.

* not comics: baffled why this is a surprise given the last 25 years I've paid cursory attention to basic entertainment news. I wonder sometimes if people are more and more outright resistant to basic real-world continuity.

* finally: team Paste digs into some of the latest comic-book comics.
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