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March 26, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is your semi-frequent reminder to vote for this year's Eisner Hall Of Fame class, if you're eligible.

image* Joseph Remnant reviews the film Rocky.

* I hadn't seen this months-old Dan Murphy goodbye video in a while, but it still made me laugh.

* Rich Barrett would like to equip you with everything you need to understand the X-Men comics now. I'm still a little confused.

* I want to say I've already linked to the Deconstructing Comics podcast interviews with Dan Jurgens and Zander Cannon, but maybe I haven't.

* not comics: I don't follow news on every single film with a comics tie-in that comes out, so it was handy to read this article about non-sequel, non-remake, fantastic-genre efforts, which included a bunch of comics-related films in development about which I knew nothing. If you're like me, maybe it will be useful in the same way.

* James Bacon reports from the Bryan Talbot exhibition in London. Sarah McIntyre reports from a book fair in Bologna.

* Seattle resident Rob Salkowtiz breaks down the Emerald City Comic Con as a series of ideas and trends to process. I don't necessarily agree with the assertion that it's a show that does really well with the arts-comics contingent of the small press -- I don't think Fantagraphics would consider exhibiting if it weren't their home town show, and big chunks of that community skip the show altogether -- although there's definitely a presence there because of the show's admirable big-tent qualities and emphasis on individual creators.

* the wonderful wardrobe of Alan Moore.

* finally, David Mack draws David Bowie.
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