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March 29, 2017

* I wRandom Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Barry Thompson talks to P. Craig Russell. Caitlin Rosberg talks to Kristen Gudsnuk. Sam Pratwell profiles Jeremy Nguyen.

* the Michael Tisserand presentation last night at the Wexner Center was extremely good. If you get a chance to go see him present on Krazy, I recommend you do. This was a fairly focused presentation with a lot of comics and some clever close reading involved.

* the best part of the evening was when someone said "three weeks from now it's your turn" and I replied "it's two weeks" and their face became deeply concerned.

* I was reminded during the evening of this article, which I remember liking very much.

* finally, Pete Donovan profiles the great Murray Olderman. Olderman just turned 95.
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