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March 30, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* everything in this article about animator and comics-maker John Kricfalusi is horrible.

image* Andy Oliver on Talking To Gina. Alex Hoffman on Before The Rain. Robin Enrico on Lemon. Rob Kirby on Flayed Corpse And Other Stories.

* I couldn't read this without dry heaving, but I think it means that Joe Chiappetta has found a way to use the blockchain phenomenon to make the object created/isolated/valued a comic or related piece of art. This seems a million miles away from the first Silly Daddy comics I read and their exploration of a shaky marriage for what seemed the sake of understanding the human frailty involved, but I understand the value of making money, wish Joe all the best in doing so and present the link for others to check out.

* not comics: here's another article that was passed around by comics people about one way in which people are expected to lean into their own exploitation. Being on twitter isn't exploitation, but I've even heard about people who feel they have to be on services like that outside of business hours. I hope there's pushback against those excesses.

* finally: this made me laugh. Yes, I suppose there is an obvious artistic element to Variant Covers that they make an art book, but a phenomenon that is generally damaging to the comics industry is a weird thing to spotlight.
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