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April 1, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I quite like the idea of a comics-related contest aimed at retailers.

image* I enjoyed this interview with Denis Kitchen and John Lind conducted by Aug Stone. The time is now for a great last push on exploring the entirety of underground comix, from expressions like this one to the all the obscurities that haven't been brought back to the forefront yet.

* I don't always enjoy the tedious nature of the comments that follow, but it's nice that attention is still paid to the work of Jack Kirby two decades after his passing, and it's fun as hell to look at a lot of that art isolated into single images.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco on a bunch of different comics. Chris Arrant on The Adventures Of Business Cat. Bob Temuka on Building Stories. Johanna Draper Carlson on What Did You Eat Yesterday? Vol. 1.

* I will have tried to make a stand-alone "Go Look" of this as well, but apparently Felix Lu has opened up a new original art brokerage. I like original art, and I think it's a fun thing to buy if you love a particular artist or a particular work.

* these Tom Bondurant articles on convoluted recent DC continuity against a backdrop of false starts and half-hearted stabs over the 15 years preceding are a lot of fun to read but super, super wonky.

* not comics: David Sirota makes some points about the monetization of journalistic content I think might apply to content-creation in general.

* Mike Patrick profiles Charlton and some of the fan-memory and revival efforts involved with the company.

* Frank Santoro is firing up another session of his correspondence school. There are very few professional development opportunities in comics, so it's something I would think a lot of people might consider.

* Nate Powell provides a pin-up for Operation Margarine. Evan Dorkin provides a sneak at a panel from one of the forthcoming Eltingville stories. Katie Skelly draws a Jack Kirby map.

* finally, Chris Sims argues that a specific fight scene in the sprawling One Piece epic is the greatest fight scene of all time.
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