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April 2, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I keep forgetting to note the passing of Lorenzo Semple, Jr., the driving creative force of television's Batman TV series. That show was a big deal for comics in a lot of ways, and extremely popular. It made a lot of people laugh. It also infuriated a lot of comics fans who wanted their favorite art form -- or favorite genre -- treated with the same seriousness that other creative outlets received. I made a joke tweet last week that modern comics culture was the result of people pushing back against Fredric Wertham and people pushing back against Lorenzo Semple Jr., but the more I think about it, the more I think I might have been onto something there.

image* Michael Cavna talks to Roz Chast. Some nice person at the Toucan blog continues their talk with Cliff Chiang. Chris Arrant talks to Alex Segura. Jeff Suess profiles Winsor McCay. Steve Appleford profiles Glenn Bray.

* speaking of interviews, there are a bunch over at the Linework NW site; I've already linked to some of them individually, but they got a little confusing with the survey-style questions and the sheer number so I bailed.

* not comics: Mark Netter is directing/producing a crowd-funded film.

* Kelly Thompson on Ms. Marvel #2. Richard Burton on Tales From Paradise Heights Presents: One Shot Part One. Malachy Coney on Black Moon. Adrian Kinnaird on Incomplete Works. LB Bryant on Bohemians. Austin English on Miss Hennepin. Daniel Kalder on Foligatto. Robert Kirby on Stranger Than Life. Sean Gaffney on Soul Eater Vol. 19. J. Caleb Mozzocco on two new Marvel comics efforts.

* not comics: Warren Ellis reviews Thomas Pynchon.

* John Kovalic remembers David A. Trampier.

* Bob Temuka writes about not making money from his blog.

* there's a very interesting article here from Frank Santoro about Chester Brown and composition.

* Chris Sims on 75 years of Batman.

* here are Ben Towle's plans after the completion of Oyster War.

* I may have mentioned this elsewhere, but Alan Gardner caught that Harry Bliss became a Sendak Fellow, which is the first I've heard about their being such a thing as a Sendak fellowship. He'll be working on a graphic novel project while, so if you're a cartoonist that could benefit from such a thing, put it on your list.

* sometimes you save articles so you can write about them and by the time you get to them you've totally forgotten what it is that led you to want to write about it in the first place. If that's not "creative," I don't know what is.

* finally, I enjoyed stumbling across this repository of Mike Funk comics on Flickr.
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