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April 3, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has announced it is starting a podcast. I have to imagine that will be a must-listen. Go check it out.

image* Rob Clough on Last Of The Mohicans. David Faust on Casanova. Sarah Horrocks on Operation Margarine.

* not comics: this piece on Facebook tries to throw cold water on that site being any sort of way to share information and converse, and thus a bad match for a lot people trying to make use of it that way. I know I don't use my Facebook CR presence, but that's mostly because I'm super-lazy as opposed to any insight as to how any of this work. I do think people are increasingly invested in the totality of their social media profile as opposed to individual sites not their own these days, for whatever that's worth.

* Saladin Ahmed would like to remind you that there were a number of heroic ladies in the comic book Golden Age period.

* this drawing of Batman by Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella is cool-looking. Speaking of drawings, it's neat to see a John Byrne drawing of the X-Men I'd never seen before. It's like finding an obscure Led Zeppelin b-side.

* so I asked around as to what people saw at ECCC in terms of potential books of the show. Two that came up repeatedly where paper versions of Wolfen Jump and Cosmic Scoundrels. That's such a chummy show and the work of those that are in attendance is often being done for companies that don't exhibit, so it's a hard one to nail down exactly what people are excited about from a publishing standpoint. That can be kind of nice, though. The writer and consultant Rob Salkowitz told me -- I think he won't mind if I share this; apologies if so -- that his favorite book was the Sergio Toppi work from Archaia, which he bought not because it was new but it was a prominent book from a prominent publisher on the floor. We forget sometimes that people don't buy comics at the cutting edge of comics all the freaking time.

* Mr. Dash Shaw, everyone.

* you can go here and scroll down a bit and see several pages in English from Nina Bunjevac's forthcoming Fatherland. You can go here and see pages from Through The Woods. It looks like Zainab Akhtar has taken over PW's Panel Mania and it's already paying dividends.

* Kyle Sacks talks to Simon Roy.

* finally, there was that time in the 1970s that Howard The Duck was discussed in The New Yorker. If comics had a 30 For 30 documentary series and I was producing it, someone would do one on the artificial price inflation of Howard The Duck #1.
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