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April 4, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Richard Bruton on Hilda And The Black Hound. Joe Hanson on Neurocomic. Rob Clough on R. Crumb: The Weirdo Years. Todd Klein on Astro City #9. Don MacPherson on Harley Quinn #0. Bruce P. on 34-sai Mushoko-san Vols. 3-4. Justin Giampaoli on various comics. J. Caleb Mozzocco on two from DC. Sean Kleefeld on Without Fear. Johanna Draper Carlon on Happy Marriage?! Vol. 5.

* Bob Temuka has some comics-related suggestions for things to do.

* I thought it interesting that Sarah Horrocks learned of Operation Margarine through a pin-up by Brandon Graham. It makes sense, though: with tumblr and similar tools, a pin-up or similar piece of art done these days can have a much wider effect in terms of getting the word out about a comic than 30 years ago.

* Roy T. Cook ponders whether the new She-Hulk series is a superhero comic. I agree that "it has a superhero in it" can be a problematic standard. But by the time I started wondering after my own answer, the TCJ message board beat all desire to ever argue definitions right out of me.

* Hannah Means-Shannon talks to Alex de Campi.

* Brian Gardes writes about moderating his first panel. My first moderating gig was the panel after Image went with Diamond during the Distributor Wars. So my advice to anyone is get Gary Groth on your panel to yell at Larry Marder.

* finally, a road not traveled down by Evan Dorkin.
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