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April 8, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* there's a really good article at The Beat here about the ability of creators to secure reversion rights from Tokyopop on properties they created and supplied the company before it stopped being a full-time publisher and became the kind of publisher with properties that might drive a movie deal or two or occasional mini-flourish of new publishing efforts -- at best. It's really scary that so many people went blithely and, at times, even arrogantly down this path and are now just as screwed as anyone who worked in times where there were no other options. I'm glad they call bullshit on one or two of the public claims regarding individual negotiations, too.

image* Sean T. Collins on Black Is The Color. Rob Kirby on more mini-comics/stand-alones. Paul Di Filippo on Hand-Drying In America.

* Lauren Davis on Dylan Horrocks.

* I never read these articles about mainstream comics I should be reading, but I think that construction is pretty interesting, that there's this thing going on out there and we should be on board, that there's an experience we should be having.

* the emphasis on art and toys in this comics and comics-related stuff collection seems to underplay an impressive number of shelves.

* Carla Hoffman writes about Marvel's robots. I just sort of liked writing that sentence.

* finally, I'm always interested when Robert Boyd writes about comics. Here's one on his recent original art show, and here's a set of reviews.
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