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April 8, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* a memorial for Mike Ritter will be held at 5 PM today in Atlanta.

* Paige Crutcher has a report at PW on the bookseller and publisher reaction to that moronic decision by South Carolina lawmakers to punish two universities for assigning books they've decided should not have been assigned for their LGBT content. One of those books is the graphic memoir Fun Home. The reactions seem relatively mild to me, consider the craven, anti-civilization stupidity on display.

image* some nice person at Rooster talks to Jazmyn and Taylor Barbosa. Greg Burgas profiles Yildiray Cinar. Rob McMonigal talks to Francois Vigneault. Keith Grachow talks to Conor McCreery. Ian Boothby and David Dedrick talk to Alec Longstreth.

* Lucy Knisley has a busy winter.

* not even sure how this drawing entered into my bookmarks, but I love it. I always liked that character when I saw him in books even though I rarely read those books at the time he was appearing, I think because the age difference from other characters was played up a bit more. It seems like you'd have some weird old guys around, just like any scene.

* Sarah McIntyre and those hats, my goodness. There's a how-to in that post, too.

* Sean Kleefeld notes the difficulty that comics present if you want to organize a collection, and how there may be little help even in having advanced knowledge and know-how of the academic variety. Me, I just throw them all under my bed.

* there's a nice catch by and post up on the hobby business news and analysis site here that discusses about the holding company Liberty Media cutting their investment in Barnes And Noble in a significant way, smartly noting the way that the big-box bookstore chain (and bookseller more generally) has spun a couple of component of that news. As a bonus, they repeat that hilarious John C. Malone quote where he compares the B&N to the survivor of a smallpox epidemic, the least romantic wooing gesture in the history of media buys.

* Roger Langridge presents two versions of the same cartoon.

* I am very much taken with this profile of some fanzine work, including one publication edited by Peppy White. White having a fanzine more directly devoted to comics illustration makes me wonder a bit how much range of expression there was across 'zines 1965 to 1980 in terms of subjects engaged. My hunch is that it was reasonably narrow, but still wider than the slow white-star collapse of mainstream comics probably should have encouraged.

* you would lose no money betting that Chris Schweizer is a fan of George MacDonald Fraser.

* Tom Murphy on Nemo: The Roses Of Berlin. Sean Gaffney on Library Wars: Love And War Vol. 11. Sean Kleefeld on The Big Feminist BUT.

* finally, Daryl Cagle remembers Mike Ritter.
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