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April 9, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* no better way to spend a summer than days in the company of comics educators Dave Lasky and Greg Stump.

image* Peter Landau on Cannon.

* a Facebook mention led me to this just completed eBay auction for a 1969 fanzine publication including work -- they claim first work, and I have no real reason to disagree or endorse -- from Alan Moore. I'm a big sucker for anything I can post related to fanzines.

* NBM would like you to know they've done extremely well with the LEGO Ninjago books.

* Allison Baker on making friends as a way of doing business.

* Margaret Wappler profiles Mimi Pond. Marc Tyler Nobleman talks to Nancy Wykoff. Paul Montgomery talks to Mahmud Asrar. Chris Arrant talks to Kazu Kibuishi.

* it's not exactly comics, but gawker is looking for a full-time staff illustrator.

* finally, Mimi Pond kept a culture diary for Paris Review.
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