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April 10, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I don't do a whole lot of deep thinking about superhero portrayals these days, but one of you pointed me to this essay about optimistic superheroes and its discussion of how odd it is that those boy-scout type characters seem more popular when they're portrayed as wigged-out jerks. I do think it's likely something about the specific audience; certainly someone like Fred Rogers is an icon for a ton of people in the general culture.

image* Rob Clough on Paul Joins The Scouts. Bart Croonenborghs on Line Of Fire: Diary Of An Unknown Soldier. Paul Constant on Intruder.

* here's one of those FPI commentary posts, this time on Sally Heathcote, Suffragette.

* Andrew Yates talks to Evan Dorkin. Michael Cavna talks to Craig Schulz.

* the author Douglas Coupland recommends books, including one comics-as-books series and one illustrated, hybrid-style work.

* Frederik Peeters pages are fun.

* the Washington Post recently pulled a Pearls Before Swine strip. They do this every so often. In fact, I think they may do this more than anyone. Part of that is likely an impression you'll get from the article that the Post still has enough staff that they'll look over a strip before it gets published, and even have discussions about its suitability. Most newspapers don't have that luxury or that culture now. I think it's dumb to not publish strips for the general reason given here, although one thing about comic strips is that they've long had a tradition of being not worth it strip to strip in a positive way to balance against any strip that might offend or bring complaints.

* via a Facebook post by Devlin Thompson comes news of what is one cool comics-related auction: the comics movie props used in Artists And Models.

* totally missed that an in-full version of She Died In Terrebonne was being readied.

* a Joe Simon painting.

* Dakota McFadzean's been particularly on lately.

* finally, congratulations to Ron Rege Jr. on selling out of a first printing on his comic in the mode of Moulston/Peter comics.
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