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April 11, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* you won't see anything better in comics today than this photo of Herr Seele.

image* Joe Gordon on Medusa. Greg McElhatton on Batman #19.

* not comics: Matt Bors drew some gamers. Dylan Horrocks has a photo-driven Tumblr.

* it's kind of surprising that Hank Pym has never really worked at Marvel Comics. If you think about it, they've been jacking with that guy character-wise from almost the very beginning: Stuck-At-10-Foot Mopey Goliath was basically a different character than Giant-Man/Ant Man.

* Alan Gardner drives our attention to a tribute to the late Roger Ebert.

* here's a piece on the reclusive nature of Calvin And Hobbes creator Bill Watterson. I'm not sure that I understand anyone being baffled by a guy that would apparently just like to be left alone. What about being a public celebrity is more awesome than being a private one?

* finally, Corey Blake flatters some gasbag from a podcast by talking about issues raised in a recent podcast about selling more comics. I think that Blake's description of my view is close enough for his response essay to be fair and raise some interesting issues.
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