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April 14, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this article isn't very long and has a lot of summary/cursory aspects, but anytime comics can be used to engage taboo subject matter with a societal benefit, I'm fond of that comic.

image* Max Delgado talks to Gene Luen Yang. Ruth Brown profiles Ron Randall; that's as nice of that kind of photo as you're likely to see this year. With NM Guiniling's help, Hugh Goldring profiles Alootook Ipellie.

* fcuk no.

* I think a company like Marvel is incapable of the kind of cultural memory that would have it regret certain comics, and even if it did they would likely only regret the ones that sold poorly or otherwise screwed with a potentially powerful license. That said, it's always fun to revisit some terrible comics and other comics you might not think of as terrible but someone else does.

* not comics: I liked the Julia Wertz photos that accompany this article, although for some reason they mention her age multiple times.

* I somehow missed this post from David Chelsea where he writes about making cartoon art on bowling balls. He even wrote me and everything. Sorry, David.

* if there are any places left in this Steve Bissette class by the time this post rolls out onto the site, and you're free, I'd jump on it. Bissette is apparently a very good teacher, and this sounds right up his alley and fun besides.

* even with all of these bullet points I'm skeptical of feature content that's dominated by list structure. At the same, I'm sort of fascinated how articles like this one by Kevin Tang riffing on Mimi Pond's Over Easy have become the Internet equivalent of the kind of feature article that grew very difficult to place in the last several years where print dominated. About the only place you saw it with any regularity is in guest editorials, and you see some of that straight-up on sites, too, particularly Huffington Post.

* saw a couple of people drive attention to these Ross Campbell drawings of characters from the Jem series, now that that series is going to be mined for some sort of movie version. That was way after my time. It's nearly as odd to encounter nostalgia-driven mining of properties you remember as being of no interest at all as it is to watch them mess with figures from your actual childhood.

* it kills me when people still do stuff like this, there's something very 1967 about that, and I love it.

* I believe the link -- now lost -- that led me to this John Byrne picture of The Punisher said it was a rare drawing of that character by Byrne. It was certainly early enough on in that character's development that he hadn't really settled into a rigid model yet. He looks like some kind of odd 1960s soap opera actor as depicted in this particularly drawing.

* happy 75th anniversary to the Bat-Man. Judging from how things stand in Gotham City, I can only conclude you are very terrible at your job.

* finally, our friends in Canada get right to the heart of things.
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