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April 15, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is fascinating and more than slightly repulsive in parts. Two things that people do when there's dysfunction in the way they speak to one another is make frequent assumptions of bad faith and use their annoyance at believing they are the subject of such assumptions as justification to act out in deplorable ways. This includes people that might not act that way otherwise, people that need no excuse to act like shitheads whenever, and people that couldn't possibly lay claim to being any kind of even slightly aggrieved party but want to believe they are more than anything. At that point -- at that distressing, awful point -- motivation and context don't matter. No one should ever be threatened or bullied or harassed or hurt. Stop if it's you. Don't tolerate it if it's not you.

* through the previous item's link there's a survey about harassment in the comics industry you might want to take.

image* Rob Clough on Fata Morgana. John Seven on Safari Honeymoon.

* I enjoyed this article by Sean Michael Robinson on lessons learned from an unfinished graphic novel project.

* not comics: how some New York City bookstores are thriving.

* Darryl Cunningham's comic about the practice of fracking makes another appearance -- we've linked to it before. I always thought that on-line publication issue exploration would be a really good area for Cunningham.

* I enjoy looking at the occasional John Byrne commission where he mixes the two big corporate superhero universes. Also, I don't think I've ever seen the Sinister Six before. They should win every fight not against Batman.

* a teen summer comics class at SAW sounds like it would be a good thing. I can't even imagine what my life would be like if this particular outlet were there for me in those years with a number 1 in front of my age.

* Whitney Matheson talks to Mimi Pond.

* hey, here's some Dan Clowes original art scanned.

* hey, random comics photos are always fun to see.

* not comics: Abhay Khosla reviews the new Captain America movie. I do think it's interesting how those movies have been so frequent that they've created their own context.

* finally, Ivan Brunetti covers The New Yorker.
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