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April 16, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Leah Nash talks to Anya Davidson.

* I'm not sure I posted this link: Kurt Busiek on the decline of the ubiquity of inkers.

* John Porcellino finished his From Lone Mountain mini-tour in Columbus Saturday night, charming a crowd of about 30 -- about half of whom were buyers -- by unpacking his state of mind as it informed specific comics he read aloud. I don't know how many people have caught this, but Porcellino has been billing this as a "last tour" as part of a desire to refashion how much time he spends doing what kind of things. If that was the last stop on the last tour, it was a good one, and we've just lost the pleasure of hosting one of comics' all-time mightiest road warriors. He'll continue to do a few shows within driving distance -- Porcellino can't fly because of ear trauma. The era of Porcellino sweeping into your town on a random evening like a mini-comics troubador, those days might be over.

* Oliver Ristau on Resident Lover.

* finally, congratulations to a deserving comics-maker.
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