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April 17, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* so I guess the actor Robert Downey Jr. made $50M from one of the movies starring the Tony Stark character he played. He played it very well, and I'm happy for actors to have as much money as possible -- my brother's an actor -- but I can't help but think how ludicrous it is that a company like Marvel that purports to sell us heroism can't pony up a 1/10 of the money paid one of the actors in an ensemble movie to make an extra-contractual payment to some of the creators. They choose not to, and I think we're compelled to wrestle with how we want to deal with them in terms of that choice. It seems like that sort of thing deserves a response, demands that we own a choice there, and not just fall into patterns of uncomplicated consumerist compliance despite their appeal.

image* Joe Gordon on Hawkeye Vol. 1. Richard Bruton on The Murder Mile. Jeffrey O. Gustafson on various comics, MIND MGMT Vol. 1 and a video from Jenna Marbles. Bryan Munn on Journal.

* Jeffrey Renaud talks to veteran comics-maker Jim Starlin in an interview that's casually revealing of some of the editorial behind-the-scenes involved in DC New 52 books.

* you know there's a CR tumblr, right?

* one of the NPR blogs talks about lady superheroes generally via a new documentary. I always thought it would be pretty easy to make a Wonder Woman movie as far as those things go, but that's just me.

* Heidi MacDonald makes a positive case for comics. I would make a slightly different case, and that there's so much good makes me furious at the bad, but there are some very positive things about comics right now. Although if the standard is someone thinking that comics is going to go away in five years, that's not exactly a high bar for achievement. She also makes a case for bad things in comics. I'd also make a different case there, but I might not remember any part of my own case were I to mistakenly read the comments again. Yeesh.

* so I wondered out loud yesterday whether this year's Eisner nomination for Gilbert Hernandez was his first, but I was told by administrator Jackie Estrada it was Beto's fourth, after 1991, 1992 and 2007.

* add Aurora Rise to the list of permanent comics charities.

* Jeet Heer writes about Hitler cartoons.

* finally, Stan Sakai is the best.

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